30+ Best Enthralling Short & Romantic Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

What’s the best way of ending your girlfriend’s day by reading her a good bedtime story?

Bedtime stories have been in tradition for centuries now. The reason behind this is the comfort and solace one finds after a long tiring day. It is said that by reading good bedtime stories, one dreams and sleeps well.

Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend
Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

When it comes to bedtime stories for girlfriend, the most beneficial part about it is the fact that it helps you to bond and understands each other better. What is better than spending some quality time with your beloved girlfriend by reading her an enchanting bedtime story at the end of the day.

We will list a number of just perfect and go-to stories that can make your girlfriend’s day. If you want to find out how you can win your girlfriend’s heart and make her day please continue reading! Here are a number of different types of best bedtime stories categorically arranged for your girlfriend.

Short Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Short Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend
Short Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

All your girlfriend needs is a good bedtime story at the end of the day to soothe her soul. You can be the one to bring her this solace by recommending, reading, or even bringing good short bedtime stories for girlfriend. A short bedtime story would be convenient and easy to read. A number of great stories that you can recommend to her to make her feel loved.

1. A Blind Sight

The story is about a girl and a boy who are deeply in love with each other. however, the girl is a bit unfortunate as she is blind and can not see the love of her life. The boy decides to donate his one eye to the love of his life so that she can see what true love looks like. The girl not knowing that he donated his eye to her decides to be with him despite the fact that he wasn’t good looking and handsome. This is true love.

2. The Ultimate Love

The story is about a husband who brings his wife flowers and some goodies. Upon asking by his daughter as to why he did what he did, he said that he wants to cherish his wife for every colleague that he has in his office is unhappy because of his wife and the hardships she brings to him. This beautiful story is about how a husband should always cherish his wife

3. A Dozen Flowers

This is indeed a beautiful and touching story about a couple and their conversation about love. A husband brings her wife 12 flowers in all, but 1 out of those fresh flowers was artificial. Curiosity made her ask her husband as to why he would give her an artificial flower, to which he replied that “I’ll love you until this flower dies”. Such a lovely and inspiring story.

4. Best of The Best

The story is about a girl and boy who are apparently in love. The girl asks the boy if he thinks she’s pretty if he will stay with her forever and if he needs her. To all these questions he replied with a NO. This shattered the girl and she began crying. The boy grabbed her By the arm and said that you’re not only pretty but the most beautiful girl ever. And that he would die if they’re not together.

5. Princess and The Frog

This is one of the most famous and sweetest and loved the short stories of all time. It is the story of a princess who seeks true love. She was told that upon kissing a frog she would truly fall for would actually become a prince. Upon doing this she really got what she wanted and both the frog prince and princess lived happily ever after.

Funny Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Funny Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend
Funny Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Now, this is indeed one interesting topic. Some girls are unique and what they seek is somebody hilarious in their lives. If you have a girlfriend who’s a sucker for funny stories, this is your chance of winning her heart. What could be better than laughing together and going to sleep with each other?

6. Tangled

Tangled is a beautiful short and funny story about a girl who has been abandoned in a tower for years and then later a prince rescues her. This results in them being happily married later. The story comes with mixed emotions but mainly funny and humorous dialogues that would make your girlfriend go aww.

7. A Man Who Was a Hospital

Another hilarious story about a man who thinks that he is suffering from all the diseases that exist in the world. It’s funny how he studies about every disease and then compares his symptoms and thinks that he has that as well.

8. The Posh Rat

This is a hilarious story about a rat who lives in London. It’s adventures and expeditions. This story is worth a read if you really want your girlfriend to laugh throughout the night.

9. Madagascar

This is one of the all times favorite and most loved hilarious stories of all time. The story is about 5 animals and their quests to save their fellow animals and other things. From the start to the end it is full of crazy laughter and euphoria.

Romantic Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Romantic Bedtime stories play an important role in your bonding and understanding between your girlfriend. It is the best way to make her feel how much you love her need her in your life. Keep reading if you want to win her over and make her truly fall for you.

Romantic Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend
Romantic Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

10. Beauty and The Beast

An enthralling story about a girl and her lover beast who basically is a cursed prince. The girl falls in love with the beast and later discovers that because of her true love and kiss the beast’s curse was over and he has transformed into a prince again.

11. The Notebook

This utterly romantic story is about the famous Nicholas Sparks. He never fails to make us fall in love with his stories. The story is about a woman and a man who go through so much havoc and separation in their lives but in the end, get united again. The woman in old age suffers from Alzheimer’s and her husband is looking after her telling her the same story, again and again, every day.

12. Gone with The Wind

One of the oldest yet still the most desirable and admired stories of all time. Story of a man and woman who try to cope up with their love during the world war.

13. Another Cinderella Story

The name is not new to our ears. This amazing mesmerizing and enchanting story is about Cinderella and her love story with her prince. They fall in love with each other during a ball dance.

14. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Another name that is not new to our ears. The most famous of all the Disney stories to win our hearts again and again. A story about a princess who gets victimized of a spell and goes into a deep sleep until the true love of her life kisses her and wakes her up.

Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend
Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Cute bedtime stories for girlfriend are also very important. Girls are all about cuteness and cute stories. To make her feel special and loved its better you read out these beautiful cute stories to her.

15. Dumbo

Cutest of all bedtime stories for girlfriends, Dumbo is about an elephant. A cute little elephant who was mocked and separated from his mother because of his big flying ears. The stories revolve around his innocence and extremely cute face.

16. Princess and The Pea

This cute story is about a princess who stops by at a castle where she is put under a test by the queen to check if the princess is really telling the truth or not.

17. Baby’s Day Out

An extremely cute and adorable story about a baby who first gets kidnapped by a bunch of kidnappers but how adorably manages to escape and wanders throughout the city all by himself till his parents finally find him.

18. Mowgli

A mixture of cute as well as a thrilling bedtime story about a boy and his ventures in the jungle. Who could imagine being friends with lions and snakes and gorillas? Mowgli here is friends with all. Indeed a really cute story to be shared with your girlfriend.

19. Casper the Friendly Ghost

Casper the friendly ghost is a really cute story that has been loved by every single one of us since forever. The story is about a cute ghost Casper who befriends a girl and together they catch the bad guys.

Long Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Long bedtime stories could prove to be extremely relaxing and comforting for you and your girlfriend. You can spend the night talking and discussing the story and spend time with each other until you both fall asleep talking about it. Imagine how much fun that would be. This article will enlist a number of long bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

Long Bedtime Stories for Girlfriends
Long Bedtime Stories for Girlfriends

20. Harry Potter

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? We bet that your girlfriend is a sucker for harry potter books as well. What could be better than reading about magic and amazing enchanting adventures at night before going to sleep? Nothing could be better than this for you to recommend your girlfriend.

21. Twilight

A perfect combo of romance and thrill is what this book contains. To make your girlfriend’s night more exciting and thrilling we think you should definitely recommend her the twilight series.

22. The Wizard of Ozz

The wizard of Ozz has been the favorite of many because of its amazing storyline. If you think your girlfriend could like a story like this, we suggest you read this to her for making her night extra exciting.

23. Titanic

Titanic is a tragic story but yet very interesting. Best bedtime stories for girlfriend, reading this out to her would give you a chance to discuss and bond together. The story is real and a lot more interesting. Even though everyone is aware of the story already but reading it again always looks like the first time.

24. Angels and Demons

Dan Brown has never failed to impress us with his stories. Filled with suspense and utmost thrill it is impossible to leave the story in between. This could be the perfect long story for your girlfriend.

Best Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Best Romantic Bedtime Stories
Best Bedtime Stories

As we now end this article the last of this would be about the best bedtime stories that you could recommend to your girlfriend or maybe read together to fall in the abyss of fantasy and thrill and enchantment. The best bedtime stories for girlfriend could be a perfect chance for you to bond with your girlfriend.

25. Chronicles of Narnia

Don’t mistake this story for teenagers or kids. It is perfect for all age groups because the storyline is completely amazing and interesting. Nothing could be better than to give this a read before your bedtime. Take our word for the fact that girlfriends love such stories. So go ahead and suggest to her this.

26. The Best of Me

Another best one of Nicholas sparks. The best of his collection. A love story and how it ends and how it will keep your girlfriend awestruck all the time.

27. Anne Frank

A tragic but very interesting story that could keep your girlfriend entertained. Not only interesting but highly informative as well.

28. Harry Potter

Harry Potter again falls in the list of best bedtime stories as well because it indeed is the best and the most loved one.

29. Cinderella

Romantic Bedtime Stories
Romantic Bedtime Stories

What else could be better than ending your night with a Disney story? They never fail to make us fall in love with them. We are sure that your girlfriend will fall in love with it as well.

We hope this entire article helped you find what you were looking for.  If you are looking for the Best Bedtime Stories for girlfriend, give this article a good read.